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Welcome to the Updates Section


7/7/11 - I have added a few new boards to vary it out a little more, Added a warning System, Re-Color Co-Ordinated the rank system. EDIT - I have added a few new Admin Icons Underneath the Administrators icons

11/7/11 - MAJOR UPDATES - Added Control Panel to the forum for ease of use for users and staff alike. This will enable you to see the latest topics, added new NAV bar, Added Global Moderator Rank added, added new staff feature.

19/8/11 - Some more updates, changed forum theme to match the one of the youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/LOREGaming , added new rank icons, new Global moderator, Codeloco.

05/09/11 - Some Extremely Exiting updates this week, I have added a new Homepage, It is designed for Is Simplistic Use, and rather amazing layout! I hope you like the new layout!

Should you have any questions about the updates then please reply to this or send me a PM and I will reply when I can.

More upates will be done soon Be sure to check back soon