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Titans Mod

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Titans Mod Empty Titans Mod

Post by TexanFury on Tue Sep 06, 2011 5:54 pm

You are the strongest man in Minecraft. You are unbeatable! Are you? Nothing from the Overworld or the Nether can beat you and there is nothing left. You must be.
But what about the gods? The titans? They won't stand for it! And they haven't. The have came down to show you whos is stronger and better. They brought there best gear and weaponry, enemies unite with one common interest... Killing you! Fire, Water, and Titan, all gods. Hidden chests, fake chests, unbreakable blocks!
You no longer stand a chance. You gather your diamonds together and you take them on one... by... one. DOWN THEY FALL! You take their armor and weapons and use it against the others. But there are more... and more to come.
You combine the abilities of the armors to make a new ability for the set. Flight, speed, water breathing, fire immunity and MUCH much more.
Now I love this mod, it brings another enemy to Minecraft that you won't stop until you've killed it. I say good job to you Will.Eze for creating the TITANS mod. Your Minecraft would be unbelievable if you combined the Tree Spirit mod and this together. The gods are watching you.



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Titans Mod Empty Re: Titans Mod

Post by Peanut on Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:32 am

What a sexy mod!

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