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My To Do List!

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My To Do List! Empty My To Do List!

Post by TexanFury on Mon Aug 08, 2011 5:35 pm

A TON of great mods have been coming out lately and I'm super eager to jump on them. I've been hit with a wave of video making enthusiasm and am ready to return to the modding game!

My To-Do List
1. PokeMobs- Adds Pokemon to Minecraft!

2. Titans- Take on the Titans of Minecraft!

3. TobbasMods- Adds lots of cool things to the game.

4. BuildCraft- Taking Minecraft into the modern age!

5. Minecolony- Add little minions to do your bidding. Muwhahaha!

[Maybe] HempMod- I don't smoke, but its a funny mod. May do it.

6. BabyAnimals- Aww dey arz sooo coote!

7. Pam's HarvestCraft- Adds TONS of Nom Noms to Minecraft. (Nom Nom is food BTW)

8. PortalGun- Portal in Minecraft! Life=Complete.

9. Fossil-Archeology- Uncover the mysteries of the past. Eww, scientifical!

10.ClaySoilders- If you haven't heard of this mod by now, you must live under a rock.

So there is the Top 10 mods on my To-Do list at the moment, but who knows they can and probably will change. Also, this is not the order I will be doing them in.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for being Awesome! Except Wednesdayy_z.

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